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Kyuan Original Sushi Gozen


For dinner, Kyuan original sushi set in your room.
For breakfast, we will prepare bread, soup, and salad.

Supper is in the room.Breakfast is in the lounge.

For dinner, we partnered with a popular caterer"Kyuan Original Sushi Gozen"

We also accept additional orders
・Savory egg custard… ¥ 400
・Children's set (for elementary school students) ... \ 2,000
・Kids meal (for toddlers) ... \ 1,100
・Assorted sashimi ... From \ 2,200

Please fill in the remarks column when making a reservation
  • 【Dinner】Kyuan Original Sushi Gozen

    • 【Dinner】Kyuan Original Sushi Gozen

      Kyuan original sushi

      Grips, sashimi, small bowls such as tempura, small pots, etc.(Contents may change depending on the season)
      1 night with dinner and breakfast From 13,000 on weekdays to 13,500 yen on the day before holidays
      Period available:
      From April 1, 2021
  • 【Breakfast】Continental breakfast

    • Continental breakfast


      Croissants, toasts, salads, etc. will be served in the lounge on the 2nd floor.
      Included in regular price
      Period available:
      From April 1, 2021